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Participant Waiver
I am aware that my involvement in this fitness program is completely voluntary. I consent to participate in the fitness program and I withdraw my right to make any claim of any kind against Marissa Kulig Crow and Lyman Orchards, its directors and employees for any injury, illness or adverse change in my medical condition or state of health arising directly or indirectly from this fitness program. I represent and warrant to Marissa Kulig Crow that I have furnished details of any medical condition I have (or may have had) and of all recent medical treatment received by me. I have read the foregoing and I understand it. Any questions which may have occurred to me have been answered by my physician to my satisfaction.

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CardioGolf Six Month Subscription

Let's exercise for better health AND work on our golf game at the same time!

This program will..

  • help people develop strength and flexibility specific to golf
  • help people improve swing technique and body motion
  • combine general functional exercises with swing drills for more power, speed and fixes for swing faults